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Assignment Differences

Good evening,

Tonight the members were given two images to post process themselves, utilising the techniques and knowledge gained.

It was fantastic that everyone had a go, giving the two images different aspects in most cases. Everyone explained how they looked at the image and had decide how to manipulate it.

Dave Brennan who provided the images then explained how his own interpretation was completed. Thank you all who took part it made for an interesting discussion on techniques and applications.

We then were able to look at the images taken when the club managed an outing to the Quayside Saturday 3rd February.

Four hardy souls wanted to catch the sunset behind the bridges hopefully at the same time that a very high spring tide given by the nearness of the moon, or superman as it had been labeled,

However, when we arrived it was more like a super washout but the BBC weather website had indicated a window of opportunity around the time of the high tide. The sunset was completely closed out leaving a very grey sky however, true to the website word when the Tyne started to go to slack water the rain petered out and we were able to compile some smashing reflection images.

Thank you to all who took part it did make for a very interesting evening.

See you Thursday 22nd February same place same time.


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