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Competitive Evening

A big thank you from the committee to all members who were able to turn out tonight for the annual members choice "Print competition'.

It may be a form of picture presentation that is losing out to digital out there. However, when you see a range of stunning A4 images from a very broad range of subjects. Then this form of competition really does “come into its own’.

Altogether 24 images were brought and displayed over two tables for all attending members to be able to judge. Each member after a suitable time rated the images 1-5.

The committee were able to collate the results and concluded we had a clear winner, second and third place images.

Well done to all for taking part it was quite amazing as to how certain images attracted most of the votes.

At the end of the process there was a clear winner on the night with only a point between second and third place.

Table 1

Table 2

Sorry to the guys as with these being prints to represent a digital image was taken in pretty harsh light.

Third Place

Ron Bowe Red Squirrel

Second Place

Anthony Jackson Long Exposure Bridge

First Place

David Brennan Supermarine Spitfire in Sepia tones


See you on the 7th June

Weather permitting hopefully on an outdoor practical


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