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Holy Island Jaunt

Hi All

As mentioned tonight

We have a planned trip to Lindisfarne Holy Island

The trip will fully depend upon the weather forecast

Safe crossing times in Green as per Northumberland County Councils website

Sun 8 00:50 until 09:05 09:05 until 13:15 13:15 until 21:50. Suggest be travelling by 21:30 21:50 until 02:05 (Mon)

DecNav recon's its 1Hr 17 Mins for travel

This means a meet up at WRMA clubhouse to leave before 12:00 Sunday 8th

It may be wiser to leave a little later. To let the Tourist Hordes get onto the Island and get back off, to clear the decks so to speak, giving hopefully a peaceful sunset, but we can leave that on the back burner i.e. please have an input a group discussion will be taken into consideration and the best option chosen by the committee.

Hardy Souls can stay till 21:30 for the long evening daylight giving 20 mins to be clear of the Island or your vehicle may become a partial submarine

To save fuel costs etc. taking as few a vehicles as possible seems to be a canny practice. Therefore could all those who want to go, speak up early giving us numbers and possible groups apparently All day parking £4.40,

Any Lone Rangers who may have other requirements and want travel on their own will need to discuss meet up points etc.

Note:- it may be worthwhile taking a Picnic as opening hours 9 -17:30 are not condusive to camera work and coffee note the Barn at Beal is lovely but its not on the island however, there is the Pub too.

The castle has had a lot of renovation however, After nearly 18 months in the hands of our contractors, Datim, Lindisfarne Castle is back. For the first 5 weeks of opening while the Castle is empty of its collection; visitors to the castle will see Empty Spaces, the story of the repair and conservation work, itself a rare opportunity to see Lutyens’ architecture as he intended. Note Scaffoling will be on outer wall until August

Opening times Sunday 8 July Castle 11:00 - 17:00 Garden Open all day

We do have a club meeting Thursday 5th where we can thrash out any issues

Finally I have been beforehand for all who haven’t it is well worth the trip

Regards D!


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