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Open Your Heart

Tonight was an opportunity for members to "Show and Tell" how they burgeoned their photography.

Alan Errington talked of his recent trip to:- The Tall Ships Sunderland

Where he explained how he achieved his monotone effect on a band performing in the street

Alan talked about his concerns over the crop / content of his Russian cadet

We agreed with Alan who was very happy with this image

Alan Had a few images of one of the leading members of the Hells Angels who head the parade for the tall ships this one was especially accepted as the best of the images.

Still not sure how the roof shadow moved?

Ron Bowe talked of how he and many other could afford the cameras of the day but as time moved on could afford and become interested in family photography. Which then developed the photography interest into a full hobby.

Moving from a family orientated image taking going to Croft racing circuit to follow and then take images on the go of the racing adding nature into the mix taking pictures of Wildlife locally and at a nature reserves.

Ron showed even with a bridge camera excellent images can be achieved on holiday as per this example from St Pauls Rome.

Ron explained how he'd made the trip to Brempton Cliffs beside Bridlington and was engrossed by the gannets.

As Ron stated taking action shots really is one of his favourite pastimes and having having a lot of patience really helps.

Ron went to a local Red Squirell hot spot to capture some young ones.

Ron was pleased to say his photo had been chosen.Natural History Society of Northumbria.


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