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Hi All

Its been a wee while since our last post.

This was due to me having too much fun in the Atlantic on a sunny Island.

Ah well back to the reality and delights of being a member of the Westmoor Camera Club.

Tonights subject is as always a club favourite.

Where the critique of a set of images was placed upon the shoulders of Garvin Sewell.

This is a time consuming task for which we must thank Garvin for taking it on.

As always prior to Garvin receiving the images they were striped of their "EXIF" data in this case by Davis Brennan.

Garvin gave a deep and heart felt speech prior to the evenings events, in the hope that his appraisal's and criticism's would not be taken as a personal sleight by anyone.

I would like to think, that all in all Garvin gave a fair and even judgement on all the the images.

Garvin gave his honest opinion as to the images good or bad points. Garvin's thoughts, impressions and advice were listened to then commented upon by the group.

Which led to a lively evening. As the image owners gave an explanation of their image, producing group discussion and good humoured banter.

With kind permission of the contributors here are the images Garvin was asked to comment on










Thank you to all who provided their images it would have been very short night if no-one had submitted any.

I would like to think Garvin enjoyed his tenure as critique master. I would also like to think we all learnt something from the range of questions, answers and settings that were brought up through the discussions.

Once again thank you to all who took part tonight.

Our next meeting will be October 11th and we will be looking for suggestions for next years itinerary so please bring your ideas proposals and thoughts.

Regards Derek


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