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Assignment delight

Hi All,

Prior to tonight the club released several images in RAW and JPEG format. To give the members an opportunity to show their own processing style.

In the past only a couple of images were released however, a request was made to let more images be available to give the members a larger choice.

The processed images were presented and a discussion was had by each member regarding how they saw the image and portrayed it

Cast in order of appearance

Nicola Snail


Nicola Dene Waterfall

Nicola Snail

Ron Seaside Waterfall

Ron Snail

Ron Dene Waterfall

Derek Seaside Waterfall

Derek Snail

David Chinatown Gate

David Snail

Thank you to all who took part. Although quite a small number of attendees made it. Ut was a very enjoyable and quite a quick evening.

In two weeks time with the ending of the conflict of the first world war 100 years ago we would like your pictorial representation of remembrance please bring along your images on the night.

Further to this on November 22 we are to have a talk from Mike Ridley, as requested on Light Painting and Night Photography.

We are asking for as early a start as possible so please be ready as soon as possible.

Regards Derek


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