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Guest Speakers on Long Exposure

Tonight the West Moor Camera Club were treated to an evening talk from two great exponents of the art of long exposure photography

Both our speakers were able to bring the subjects to life and show what can be achieved in the individual art forms they were to discuss tonight.

Our first Speaker Mike Ridley gave his talk "From Dawn to Dusk"

Is known for his great landscape long exposure Images which Mike has graciously brought with him you can also see many superb examples on Mike's


Mike explained that being a keen amateur photographer how, he had always loved landscape and seascape photography. Which grew into the extended long exposure imagry to capture the evening and night time images brought along this evening for which we were so grateful

It was really good to hear and have a detailed explanation of not just the location but the techniques e.g. the panorama of snow covered Buachaillle Glencoe or vertical panorama (or vertorama) of the "Milky Way" were utilised to achieve the wonderful display given tonight.

Mike also explained how he would prepare for a certain image i.e. to determine the position and orientation of the celestial bodies in relation to the chosen foreground for example "Dunstanburgh Castle" with the "Milky Way" vertical above it.

Mike has also delved into the photographic art of light painting and was an early influence at the beginning of our second speaker of the night.

Following a short introduction from Mike,

Tom gave us the insight as to how he first got interested in light painting, after seeing some shots from some fellow North East light painters, Mike Ridley (please see above) and Ian Hobson and how his obsession has grown.

Tom explained how the art form has taken over "It was only supposed to be a hobby, and now my house is full of torches!"

Tom was able to show how easy it would be to start a path down the light painting route. Using small multi pack torches to acrylic plexiglass shapes and rods to the simple but effective LED rod used in the manufacture of umbrellas (remember to remove the struts and fabric).

Tom then explained the basic technique and some of the helpful hints to help avoid the hitches that can occur. The practical requirements are a camera, that can have the shutter held open for a period of time, a camera support tripod etc, a dark space, a light source or sources and the imagination you were born with.

Tom patiently and studiously described how he and the light painting art fraternity have grown especially in the use of better adaptors and LED with colour change facilities from dealing with spectacular but as Tom described precarious fireworks, due to the releasing glowing embers all over. Going through the Acrylic plexiglass Shapes and Rods. To the latest LED and Fibre Optic technologies which have become available.

Toms knowledge and dedication has led him to be a light painting "Ambassador" being given the opportunity to try out new apparatus the likes of torches, adaptors, filters, acrylic, fibre optic, LED, light emitting cable etc. For a company Light Painting Paradise you can see their wares at and examples on Facebook

To see other fine examples of the art Norma mentioned: -Michael Bosanko


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