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Light Painting Artistry

At our previous meeting 22nd November at West Moor Camera Club were were lucky to have Mike Ridley and Tom Hill give us very interesting talks on some of the different aspects of long exposure photography.

Tonight West Moor Camera Club to follow up had a demonstration in light painting by local light painting exponent Tom Hill.

Tom is an ambassador for Light Painting Paradise a web based provider of light painting equipment.

Tom stated that the images that were to be produced are for demonstration purposes as if he was "in the field" he would take additional care in what the light source would fall on and therefore be incorporated in shot.

Tom explained his usual camera is a Canon. However, for demonstration purposes he had purchased an Olympus camera, which as well as having a live HDMI output to a projector or screen. Tom can also set a permanent background image based upon the amount of ambient light he required.

Tom then explained the camera aperture once triggered could be remain open for a user defined period.

Tom chose for this demonstration a rolling two minute period. That is Tom would set the exposure away and keep the aperture open until he was happy to finish the image.

Once Tom had set the background he then set the long exposure away and proceeded to display the art art side of producing an image which turned out below.

The rate at which Tom was able to move the Light Emitting Diode was quite fast allowing the additional light over and above the light intensity of the original fixed image to be captured i.e. only additional brighter light would be "picked up"by the camera. This was then displayed on the monitor

Watching the art form develop on the monitor was quiet mesmerising producing the final image below.

Tom Hill Photography

Tom then proceeded to show how an "Orb" could be produced utilising there different light emitting devices. A torch on the end of a lance, a hand held pen light and an acrylic rod emitting a blue light producing the image below

Tom Hill Photography

The next image utilised "live bait' members of the audience were asked to partake in a setting to show how the painting using various different light sources could be made. Below Tom used a light emitting flexible cable to show how a flame effect could be introduced, again a pen torch gave the wavy lines and a flash of torch gave the stars to highlight the subject a torch with a side beam was wafted down the subject never showing the beam to the camera lens.

Tom Hill Photography

A second subject was encouraged to stand up to again show how the curls waves and italic using a multiple LED an acrylic rod with a blue gel colour and red gel colour finishing of with penlight for the electronic line drawing.

The finished image was really quite stunning showing of both the art and the electronic line drawing.

Tom Hill Photography

We have to say a very big thank you to Tom for returning to and entertaining the club with some style and panache.

We hope this has inspired club members to partake in and perhaps provide pictures for a display sometime through the next year.

Demonstrator Tom Hill Ambassador for Light Painting Paradise

Images Tom Hill Photography

Additional Images Norma Mckellor Sheerlight Photography

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