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2019 The beginning

It is customary to start the first Blog of 2019 with the bestowing of good wishes to all the members and their families. We wish you a Healthy, Happy, Hearty, Prosperous and Photographic New Year.

Due to the change in club night last year this has meant Thursday the Third of January has became our start night, a week earlier than usual.

Tonight we were able to discuss the 2019 calendar and specialist themes for the Flickr website.

The calendar has retained a lot of the "Favourite" evenings which have proved to be very well attended over the last few years e.g. the ever popular Critique Night.

We have been able to add some different evenings which we hope will be enjoyed by everyone.

We are also absolutely chuffed. To have been able to have "booked in" several speakers this year : -

Starting on 31st January

Talk : - MX to X70, my journey back into Street Photography - A talk by Miles Gomme

Then on 28th February

Talk : - From Start to Finish, which is about his final university exhibition - A talk by Joe Sheridan

Then on 18th July

Talk : - Astro Photography - A talk by Garvin Sewell

Then on 10th October

Talk ; - A Personal View - A talk by Martin Humble

We have also been informed that a friend of Alan Errington would like to give talk on Infra Red Cameras and their images. We will have to perhaps juggle a few nights to fit it in however, we will let you know as soon as we can.

We decided to keep the Flickr themes running in the background so please keep up the good work there have been some marvellous images shown.

As Gordon our current treasurer has left the WRMA. It would seem obvious that a replacement Treasurer will be required. According to the club rules there must be a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary No person can hold two roles. We must replace Gordon nominally at the Annual General Meeting.

Following on from our portrayal of the coming years events. To close out the meeting we had a look at the representations of Christmas.

Norma's stunning image of a Glasswork angel and the new St Peters Wallsend stained glass windows were lovely.

Dave Brennan was able to give a glimpse of how his December photographic diary was well filled up.

Ok hope all can come to the January 17 Meeting and remember your phone images.

Regards Derek.


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