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From Start to Finish

Tonight Westmoor Camera Club were glad to have a return to the fold of an ex member and old friend to give his talk:-

"From Start to Finish" from Joe Sheridan F.D.A. BA (Hons) A.R.P.S.

Joe gave his talk on his path of learning. From his initial college courses through to his HNC, Bridging Course, Foundation and Honours Degree.

Joe stated his interest in the photographic art form started when he was young lad and the enjoyment has never left him. He confirmed how strong that desire was by completing an education journey. By taking the opportunity to complete his education path on an intensive and extensive path. That took him on a massive learning curve through levels of academic accolade he didn't believe he had in him.

As Joe said it wasn't easy however, If he could complete the course then the opportunity was open to attempt and complete it. An example to all.

Joe went into great detail as he told us of his various courses and the different aspects of requirements he had to complete for each of the courses e.g. how they went from a 20 week preliminary course at the start to 7 years for the degree. He went through each of his courses building up to his final honours degree exhibition portfolio.

The final exhibition theme was decided to be on one of Joes favourite subjects. Joe when he was a young lad was taken to see several museums who often had exhibited paintings from the old masters who's use of natural light had inspired him even then.

Joe has always loved the Beamish Open Air museum and knew that this great institution would be a great back drop.

The decision was made to utilise natural light, it was decided to capture a set of images for the exhibition at Old Pockerly Hall. Where Beamish staff gave different exhibitions in dress of the time and were used to being photographed.

Joe spent hours trying to recreate the images he wanted as the the room he chose was dark and Joe found the the use of flash interfered with the composition he wanted. Eventually the through experimentation and doggedness the final range of camera settings were determined.

I have to say the digital images or prints on normal glossy paper, in themselves are stunning.

However, seeing the prints on the historical paper took the quality to a higher level.

Joe has kindly given permission to reproduce the images.

He is so rightly proud of.

Then Joe had the difficulty of what photographic paper would be appropriate one of the Universities technicians came up with the idea of a specialist historical paper which would give the impression of painting but the images would be extremely delicate. Which lead to more difficulties in mounting the images to fit into the gilt frames Joe has sourced to give his masters the validity they required.

Joe once he had overcome the difficulties of capturing and mounting the images had to the exhibit the images. Joe knew from his degree that the exacting standards for the display were onerous.

As Joe stated the exhibition stands were provided but the students had to prepare the stands to exhibition standard.

The Honours degree exhibition Joe took part was exceptional and the images Joe and two other candidates were chosen to go towards the national exhibition of student art for that year at the 5th Base Gallery.

A big thank you to Joe form all at Westmoor Camera Club for his time and efforts to bring this roads to us.


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