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Photo of the Month - March 2019

The results are in for the club's Photo of the Month competition for March.

This month's submissions were judged by our chairman, David Brennan. His comments are below each image

1st Place - "Walking the strand at sunset " by Martin Humble

"This image jumped out from all the submissions this month. The 3 figures are perfectly positioned in the frame, silhouetted beautifully by the brightest area which instantly grabs the attention. You then notice the subtle rays of light radiating across the whole image, right into the darker corners. The size of the figures gives a wonderful sense of scale to show how open the area is."

2nd Place - "Getting to the Church on Time" by Derek Rootham

"I know from experience how difficult getting a good image from a live performance is, especially in the middle of a big dance number. The trick is to watch and anticipate the point when dancers extend themselves at the end of a movement, when for a fraction of a second they freeze, which Derek has managed here. Theatre lighting can be difficult to work with and to get a fast shutter speed to freeze movement, you need a high ISO, leading to a noisy image but this has been well managed here

3rd Place - "Untitled Image" by Nicola Cookson

"I love the way that the wood has been used to create a frame within the image. Initially I wasn't sure if it was a hole with the view or a clever image on the wood. An image that was well spotted, that a lot of people have probably walk past without noticing"

We thank David for taking the time to judge this month

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