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Assignment Night 2

Assignment Night or post processing a suppled image.

Tonight even though we had some issues with the release of the assignment images. That being my fault as I didn't realise I had had them posted to me or in other words. I hadn't looked at the e-mail sent by the chairman DOH!.

Then having sent an e-mail to everyone the automated system admin stated there were some messages that had delivery failures also, ah well !!

Thankfully several people had managed to receive and download the images and applied their own version of post processing to the three provided images. Which were in camera raw and JPEG formats as shown below;

By Dave Brennan

Our first Gallant processor Ron Bowe chose the remote view of St Marys from Hartley.

Ron believed that a monochromatic version would be more dramatic

Derek Rootham offered a version of all three options

1st The Shoreline

2nd Horse beside a lake

3rd Tanfield Steam at the station


Derek was a little lost as the image had a red hue on the right hand side (digitally looking like the camera had been opened as with Film in days of yore

Then Martin Humble Chose to flip the horse and add some tinge to the clouds

Martin then saturated the shoreline image to add colour intensity

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