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Photo of the Month - June 2019

Here are the results for the club's Photo of the Month competition for June.

This month's submissions were judged by local photographer Joe Costigan. His comments are below each image

1st Place - "Jack Savoretti" by Martin Gerard

"I love this on many levels. Compositionally it works well following the rule of thirds and it has a nice balance of tone and colour. I like the lack of a particular focal point which wouldn't always work but in this particular image there are three elements working together - the audience, the performers and the lighting. All are interesting and none are more or less impactful than the other."

2nd Place - "Waymarks at Sunset" by Martin Gerard

"A very nice composition again with the eye being drawn to both the glow of the sun and its reflection and also the marker poles drawing the observer into the horizon. The blend of two cloud formations (I'm always a sucker for some nice clouds). There's a danger to over process an image like this but the photographer has kept a natural feel to this simple but glorious landscape."

3rd Place - "All Aglow" by David Brennan

"An interesting and slightly abstract image of some brightly lit colourful bottles. I like the double reflections in the shelf and the mirror behind which help to add depth to the image but the overall glow makes the image pop and come alive. It might have been interesting to increase the abstract nature of the setting by cropping a little tighter but it's a lovely image"

We thank Joe for taking the time to judge this month. Normally we would include a link to Joe's website but as that is being redevolped at the minute, you can check out some of his work on Instagram

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