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Photo of the Month - May 2019

After a slight delay, the results are in for the club's Photo of the Month competition for May.

This month's submissions were judged by ex club member David Fletcher. David has also added 2 extra images which he has marked as Highly Commended. His comments are below each image

1st Place - "Oil and Water" by David Brennan

"As soon as I looked at this I was transfixed by the shapes patterns and colours captured in the shot. I love all the different 'cells' almost like some kind of microscopic world. A great technique that I must try."

2nd Place - "Busted" by Danny Pescod

"I love capturing everyday street scenes like this when on holiday and I always seem to convert them to mono, just like you have done in this shot. For me its the bloke on the right that really makes this shot. His stare is stealing the attention from the others in the store but its also a bit menacing too especially when you look at the dismembered bodies in the background! Not sure what the one at the top is trying to tell us, half out half in...Im sure he was fine with you getting a snap though."

3rd Place - "The Old Classic" by David Brennan

"What a blaze of colour! and its been captured at exactly the right time of the evening with the sky still showing colour . I love the wide angle taking in all the fun of the fair and the timing is great as it almost looks like the lass didn't want to go on and was being dragged there by the fella!"

Highly Commended - "Gondolas" by Alexander McNair

"Whilst it may not be the most technically perfect image its certainly very eye catching. the graphic shapes of the two gondolas together like this may not be seen by everyone but the photographer here has done a good job. I also like how they are disjointed from each other with one higher than the other."

Highly Commended - "Waterfall Down" by Derek Rootham

"An interesting choice of title in this one as, as far as I know, most waterfalls go down! but seriously, it's a great effort at capturing what was in front of you at the time. I love the way it snakes down the hillside and the perfect shutter speed. I think I would have preferred to crop out the sky as it really pulls your eye due to it being the lightest part of the image, otherwise its a Highly commended shot."

We thank David for taking the time to judge this month and wish him all the best in his fight against recently diagnosed bone and prostrate cancer. You can check out David's own photography on his site at David Fletcher Photography

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