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Photo of the Month - September 2019

Here are the results for the club's Photo of the Month competition for September.

This time the entries were judged by one of our past members, Mike Blythe. His choices are below with comments below each image.

Mike started by saying....

"Not being an experienced Judge, it was a difficult task for me to choose the Winners and Highly Commended from the images entered. The quality of all images are excellent and I unreservedly apologise to those who's images have been left out.

Since I left West Moor Camera Club some years ago the standard of photography has increased by an extortionate level. Congratulations to all involved.

Remember, these are my preferences only, In my opinion they are all winners but unfortunately I had to choose in order of my preference."

1st Place - "Evening Chronicle's Old Filing System" by David Brennan

"The atmospheric feel this image has made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

Composition is excellent and the use of depth of field is superb. Crisp and clear focal point with the correct amount of blur towards the rear. Excellent work and congratulations to the Author

p.s I would love to read the rest of File 7003!"

2nd Place - "Great Crested Grebe" by Ron Bowe

"Another exceptional image.

The colours are superb and fully compliment each other. The use of depth of field is superb.

Composition is exceptional with the subject perfectly positioned in the frame. Clarity and detailing on the Grebe itself is excellent, it makes you feel that you can almost stretch out and touch it.

Superb Work."

3rd Place - "I'll take you now....even though I'm nowhere near" by David Brennan

"An interesting choice of title.

Very difficult choice to decide on third place however I marginally favoured this image over the Highly Commended images. (Apologies to authors of the Highly Commended images)

I felt that this image portrayed exactly the feeling in the country at present by some minority groups.

The composition is superb, the main focal point being the person with arms spread perfectly centrally positioned in the frame. Clarity from front to back is just perfect.

The anxiety on the faces of the police is clear to see.

The only negative point I can make is that the white carrier bag in the bottom right is a bit distracting, however, taking that into consideration, it is still a worthy 3rd place image.

A very good example of Street Photography."

Highly Commended

I have chosen two images, not in any order of preference.

Both are excellent however the reasons they are not in the top three are:-

"Devil in Disguise" by Nicola Cookson

"A really nice image of someones precious pet, makes you feel as if you want to lift him/her onto your knee however the look of the eyes says to me “Dont you Dare”

The only issue I have is that I think a better choice of aperture and shutter speed may have made the image slightly sharper. The top of the left ear looks as if its slightly out of frame."

"Tyne Quayside" by Derek Rootham

"Superb, my type of photography. Exceptional framing within the composition of the image.

Clarity and depth of field is superb capturing the feel of the Quayside perfectly, excellent reflections and great use of leading lines.

Why may you ask yourself, is this not in the top three….the left hand side of the Millennium Bridge is not in frame, hence a very good Highly Commended."

We'd like to thank Mike for kindly taking the time to judge this September's entries.

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